Answering the following questions will help you assess your board readiness

Category A
  1. Do you have a minimum of 10- years of experience in a senior executive role in the public and/or private sectors?
  2. Can you commit to 150-200 work hours per year in a corporate board role?
  3. Do you have any knowledge about Good Governance?
  4. Are you a holder of a formal Corporate Governance certificate or any accreditation by any college or institute?
  5. Have you ever served as a corporate director in a publicly-traded company, a large privately held company, or family-owned business?
  6. Are you a team player or a team Leader?
  7. Do you understand the difference between a Board of Director's roles versus the roles played by Management?
  8. Which areas do you excel in: Operation, Financial, Risk and Security, Compliance, Anti-money Laundering, Strategies, Auditing, Human Resources, Control, Legal experience, ITC...etc.
Category B

Have you served in one or more of the following positions?

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or General Manager.
  • ​Deputy Chief Executive Officer or Deputy General Manager.
  • ​College deans or University Professors.
  • Non-independent board member representing your company's interests.
  • ​Public sector leader.
  • ​Freelance Subject Matter Expert (SME) with relevant expertise.
  • ​Senior Advisor, Expert or Consultant in business “A” section.
Category C

Have you served at least 3 years in one or more of the following positions?

  • ​Decision making position as Chief operation officer (COO), Chief financial officer (CFO) or another C-Suite executive manager.
  • ​Consultant.
  • Project team leader.
  • Professor.

If your response were mainly


to the majority of the questions in “A” and you belong to at least one of “B” and you are interested to become board director, please sign up for be board ready membership.


to the majority of the questions in “A” and you belong to one of the options in “C”, please sign up for Executive Membership.