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In this ever-changing world, the complexities and competitiveness in conducting business in a global environment are driving the upper echelons of the public and private sectors to rethink their strategies. It is within this context that the boards of directors alongside their upper levels of management have recognized the importance of advocating for sound policies to overcome the marginalization of gender diversity policies and practices in their professional spheres. They are currently valuing the introduction of more mechanisms and techniques to overcome the female under-representation at the upper echelons of the leadership arrangements. Boards of directors are exploring innovative approaches to diversify their boards’ compositions and assessing the prospects of a paradigm shift in this direction. Concrete measures are being undertaken to include professional women in such contexts.

Understanding your capabilities, activating your networks and matching your skills and experience with the needs and requirements of corporate boards could increase your chances of gaining a seat in the boardroom, and WOBs JO is here to take you to this very next chapter.

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We Aim To


Raise awareness of women's rights and responsibilities to enable them into a role on the board of directors.


Motivate public and private sector institutions to increase the number of women on boards of directors​.


Raise public awareness of the importance of the role of women on boards of directors.


Position WOBs JO as a key party for all actors and stakeholders wishing to increase the number of women on boards of directors.


thrives to foster dialogue and collaboration opportunities amongst its network and stakeholders in order to bolster the capacity and efficacy of strategic positioning of Jordanian women on boards of directors and serves as a hub to:

  • Support board diversity and women in senior executive ranks.
  • Increase and raise the profile and visibility of women who are ready to fill non-executive directorship positions (NED).
  • Support initiatives for women's access to decision-making positions through offering equal & fair opportunities.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of gender diversity to non-executive directors recruitment.
  • Secure quality females expertise who merit to be in decision-making positions.
  • Build and provide a database of “Who’s Who” of qualified women board candidates to companies.
  • Back women managers eligible for positions of major responsibility with soft and technical skills which are most needed to resume C-Suite roles.
  • Mentoring & Coaching.
  • Networking and Inspiration.
  • Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.
WOMEN On BOARDs JORDAN an open network with different membership options available to suit women at all stages of their careers. It's well known that diversity leads to more innovation and better quality decision-making, this will correlate with better business results overall (see Knowledge Center for some key studies in this area)

Our Objectives


To deepen the concepts of gender equity and promote good governance skills among professional women.


To prepare a database of women leaders in different sectors.


To stimulate public and private sector institutions to apply the principles of governance and recognize the importance of diverse representations in key positions.


To conduct valuable studies and researches that pertain to the reality of women’s capabilities, as well as obstacles and challenges they face, in order to propose solutions that help them reach leadership positions.


To build up a network that connects local, regional and international associations that have common goals and objectives with WOBs.


To build up a network To promote women’s awareness of their rights and duties towards building a productive society during their service in decision-making positions.