Board Of Directors

Founder & Chairwoman

H.E Mai Abu Samen

A former member of the Jordanian House of Senates and a Social activist who has more than 30 years of voluntary work including 20 years in the Presidency of the General Secretariat of the Jordanian National Forum of Women.  H.E. Abu Samen holds an MBA degree in Educational Administration and a BA degree in Arabic Language from the University of Jordan.

Abu Samen worked in the Educational Sector as an Arabic teacher and was Headmistress to a number of schools.  H.E.  Abu Samen is a Politician, Administrative and active in women’s rights. She is a member of the Development and Employment Fund; Supreme Council of Youth; Board of Trustees at Al-Hussein University; National Center for Human Rights; Media Council; National Committee for Women’s Affairs and The Royal Council for Human Rights. Additionally, she is a Trainer in Human Rights specifically for women and is the Secretary General of all women National Committees since 1997 till today.

Founder & Vice-Chair

Ibtissam M. El-Ayoubi

A Board Member of Al-Ahli Bank, a full-time Professor of Practice at Al Hussein Technical University (HTU) from 2017 till present and an activist in women’s issues. A highly energetic professional acquiring diversified experience and knowledge in the fields of banking, strategy, management, investment, credit, logistics, human resources, control and risk operations remodeling. Ibtissam is a free-lance consultant with 25 years of experience in banking & financial institutions management, process re-engineering & strategic planning with profound experience in senior managerial positions covering P&P, control, compliance & risk, audit, product development, IT, operations and organizational planning.

She has successfully managed large senior and junior teams in a number of challenging environments and has project management experience in IT. She has served in a number of operational roles and has extensive successful experience in subject presentation, coaching and training at reputable enterprises. Ibtissam holds a Master’s Degree in Money & Banking from the American University of Beirut (AUB) in addition to many professional certificates in the business fields. Ibtissam is a dedicated enthusiast on Women Empowerment from different perspectives and is a Board member of the Higher Council for the Jordanian National Forum for Women (JNFW).

Founder & Board Treasurer

Dr. Wafa’ H. Abusamra

A holder of a Ph.D. degree in Finance who currently serving as the Business & Financial Advisor at Cities and Villages Development Bank (CVDB). An activist in women’s issues, a Publisher of many articles and books who strongly believe in the importance of women’s participation in the economic and political process. Wafa’ volunteers to support the work of many local NGOs. She is a member of Jordan Forum for Business & Professional Women Associations and the co-founder of Women On Boards Jordan “WOBs JO”.

Wafa’ enjoys more than 10 years of experience in Project Management, acquiring of diverse experiences and knowledge across developmental projects financed by donors as well as other strategic, financial and restructuring projects. Based on her strong analytical and managerial skills, Wafa’ gets to participate in several projects and training programs held in the MENA region. Furthermore, Wafa’ has started her career as a faculty member then moved to CVDB where she is managing different projects financed by donors, targeting Jordanian municipalities and working with local communities in order to enhance citizen livelihood. Due to her expertise, Wafa’ has been assigned to manage the restructuring project of CVDB. Currently she is in charge of designing and managing the Innovation Fund Manual for Municipalities and other projects in energy efficiency. She is also the Project Manager for the accreditation program of the Green Climate Fund in Jordan. Wafa’ also provides training, coaching, and consultancy programs in different fields.

Founder & Board Secretary

Attorney - Rania N. Wahbeh

Is a Partner at WRN legal Ms. Wahbeh is a Lawyer with an extensive experience in Banking Law and Corporations. She is a member of the Jordanian Bar Association and has practiced Law for more than 22 years in Jordan. She has also served as Legal Advisor and Lawyer for Jordan Ahli Bank, representing and litigating on behalf of the Bank in all cases, filed for or against the Bank before all courts and arbitration tribunals.

​In addition to other legal advisory tasks including legal consultations to the bank regulatory agencies, contracts drafting, as well as advising boards of directors, executive management and chartered committees in the exercise of their powers and performance of their duties. Mrs. Wahbeh has an extensive experience in Corporate Governance and is admitted to litigate before all courts in Jordan. She has argued numerous cases before the Cassation, Appellate, and First Instance Courts and has substantial experience in arbitration, litigation and legal procedures representing clients from both the public and private sectors. Mrs. Wahbeh recently was certified under the (IFC & JIOD), and Certified Board of Directors Program. Practice areas include commercial, corporate, banking, real estate, employment, Insurance and civil legal matters. She is also known for her devotion for women’s issues.

Founder & Board Member

Malak A. El Nasser

A Public Sector Development Specialist. The Founder of Nama Management Consulting and Training in 1995. She gained her consulting and training experience through working in International Cooperation programs especially in the field of Public Sector Development and Reform. Her experience is online with her academic education and previous jobs. She earned a Master Degree from the School of Government at Harvard University after her Professional Diploma in Management at the American University in Cairo and the Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of Jordan.
Ms. El Nasser believes in people and their unlimited capabilities to learn, grow and perform at their full potentials. Her beliefs proved true through her 25 years of experience in development programs which included individuals and organizations. She worked in different contexts and countries and the results of change programs ranged from good to great. She experienced work in most Arab countries such as Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, and Lebanon.
Ms. El Nasser has a diversified experience in terms of organizations’ types and management position. She worked with government entities (Consultant and Trainer at the Institute of Public Administration) non-governmental Organizations (Director General for Jordan River Foundations), International Organizations, (No space Program Officer at UNESCO Regional Office and Private Sector (Consulting Director at Abu Ghazaleh Consulting).
Ms. El Nasser is dedicated to serve at her utmost to contribute to the well being of people, organizations and countries, and in particular Arab countries by means of her knowledge, experience and time. She is a member in several boards and associations,; volunteer to support good causes, and she is a professional management expert.

Founder & Board Member

Fida F. Al Americani

Backed with an Academic and Corporate experience of around 17 years, Fida Fayez Al Americani is a Senior Trainer, a Consultant, a Mentor and a Coach. Fida enjoys a rich academic teaching experience in highly reputable institutions, accompanied by a hands-on consultancy and training expertise in the various areas of management, tourism, motivation, empowerment, leadership and human resources, are all ares where Fida started her professional contribution.
She moved her career towards the corporate life where she held several HR and Management related positions in multi-national companies in the different fields of recruitment, manpower planning, performance, talent, learning and development. Believing in learning being a lifetime journey, Fida has completed her academic profile with a panoply of professional certifications in HR and other fields from reputable certification bodies in the region and worldwide. Coach and Mentor by intuition, she worked on complementing her skills with a knowledge based in that area with a well achieved “Certified Master Coach and Mentor” from the School of Coaching Mastery/UK and a “Certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner” from 6 seconds / Dubai. Fida’s training and facilitation journey started around 13 years ago where all the way, she has been sharpening her competencies through courses, workshops, on-line learning in the training and facilitation fields. Human resources being Fida’s core business field, she is a “Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources/ SPHR” from the Society of Human Resources Management/SHRM in USA, a “Certified Human Resources Consultant” from CABA Canada and holds several other Human Resources based certifications. A “Certified Stephen Covey Trainer” among the few Middle East trainer’s pool entitle to deliver Stephen Covey material, Fida has recently moved an additional step forward by completing an “ISO 10015 plus Audit certification in Learning and Development” from Adequate in Switzerland, adding a new competency to her portfolio. Fida has developed an exposure and competencies to incept, develop and deliver training programs in 3 languages; French, English and Arabic. Her blend cutting edge in HR, banking, motivational empowerment, leadership and soft skills are all displayed in any consultancy project or training, coaching or mentoring program she delivers.